Disastrous start for VEVO – only 35 million visits

The new premium music video and entertainment service created in partnership by Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Abu Dhabi Media Company is already in trouble. VEVO managed just 35 million visits in December, a remarkably low number given the hype and marketing muscle of the corporates behind it.


This is – or should be – a huge reality check for the music industry. The closing of Tower Records reflected the end of the old-school analog days, and the demise of imeem underlined the folly of trying to use old-style business practices online. Even with VEVO being run on the YouTube platform and picking up a large potential audience, the figures are dismal.

VEVO logoThe “Most Popular” music videos on VEVO also showed the problems of the service:  Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Drake, Lady Gaga, Jay Sean, Shakira, Britney Spears and Taylor Swift. Those artists will be popular anywhere BUT the problem is the inclusion on VEVO will just steal listeners/viewers away from other platforms.

Claiming “Music Evolution Revolution!” is just not backed up by the figures. The real Evolution and Revolution in music is happening elsewhere. For example, podcasts by trance DJs Above & Beyond already have 21 million listeners/viewers each week. In other words the immediate future of digital music is still iTunes and iPod, much to the concern of the majors.

Will VEVO bring us anything new? No. It is just a continuation of the old-school music cartels trying to channel our music appreciation – and it won’t work any more. Therefore we won’t spend new money via their platform. The real evolution of music marketing online will continue elsewhere – platforms like Pandora, Last.FM, MySpace and WordPress.


Facebook Top Status Trends of 2009 – Parochial? Moi?

The conclusions in our previous post relating to Facebook (see below) have been supported by the platform itself. In releasing their Top Status Trends of 2009, Facebook confirm the generic and parochial nature of its content.

As you can see from their chart, Facebook is overloaded with its “applications” which in most cases are self-play games that users try to get their friends to join. The No.2 concern of Facebookers is self-woe in various forms, courtesy of the F**K My Life tag, with No.3 continuing a more specific self-concern.

We’re still not cheerful even at No.4 with its obsession over Celebrity Deaths and self-focus continues at No.5 with Family. Facebookers manage something other than self at Numbers 6 and 7 and then it’s back to self-concern with No.8 Health Care.

Facebook top status trends 2009

While it may seem harsh to say most Facebookers are concerned with self and family, No.9 is the self-referencing FB and No.11 is also a focus on self in relation to milestones. No.13 is undoubedtly my-Yard and No.15 is as explicit as can be – “I”.

Conclusion: Facebook is the place to be if your interests are yourself.


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