Brittany Flick – musician, model, merchandiser, MySpace maestro

Brittany Flick and Social Media

The web is still going through enormous change but 5-minute-fame has been one massive effect of Web 2.0 and the various social media sites.

Although reality tv started a lot of the throw-them-into-the-spotlight-and-see-what-happens nonsense, modern web technologies have allowed the very obsessed to continue the exposure/drama/fandom to almost unlimited degrees.

Whether ardent fans pushing their obsessions or ardent wannabes pushing themselves, the opportunities are almost endless: website, blog, FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter can all be used, alone or in any combination.

Brittany Flickinger (photo) has used a number of methods to keep her hopes and potential-career in the spotlight. After winning season one of Paris Hilton‘s Best Friend Forever tv show, Britt Flick (as she is often known) is still nibbling at the edges of modelling and/or musician and/or merchandiser.

It has been reported that Hilton didn’t stay friends with Brittany because, “I loved her and I trusted her, but sometimes people get too caught up and they change.”

Anyone who has watched the BFF shows will know that Paris is constantly changing her own mind. Nothing wrong with that as she has a multi-million dollar business to run. So although Britt is not in that league yet, she is a very good example of a modern Web 2.0 user in the better senses of the term.


America the clear winner in Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend

There were two bits of bad news in the final of Paris Hilton’s reality TV series British Best Friend. Samuel and Kat. Samuel the cheat and Kat the nasty. There were also two bits of good news. That Emma was in the final and that super-fake Carrie was eliminated from the trip to LA.

Paris Hilton shines when others fail

Unfortunately, Paris (or the producers) had made the wrong choices with Samuel and Kat. Both had been exposed as nasty schemers behind people’s back.

Reports that the reality TV series descended into chaos during a fight between Emma and Kat is easy to believe. Whether the two were screaming at each other until 4.30am and “foaming at the mouth” is true or exaggeration, that bosses had to call a psychiatrist to calm them is a great story.

A spokesperson for the show is reported as saying: “We have a psychiatrist on hand at all times.” With the nasty characters like Kat on display as examples of modern Britian, Los Angeles and Las Vegas seem ‘normal’ in comparison to such antics.

The remaining impression of the show was the poise and intelligence of Paris Hilton. She frequently looks stunning, equally happy beside the pool or on the main stage at a high-profile awards event. With the spotlight on the differences between USA people and UK people, the clear winner was America.