Life imitating art – and Web 2.0 inspires fashion

Vogue Italia inspired by Twitter and TwitPic/TweetPic

Models of today are of the iShot generation and Vogue Italia decided to reflect the importance of self-image in a TwitPic/TweetPic way, allowing the models to pose and shoot themselves.

This Twitter-focus is the second major feature by Vogue Italia on Web 2.0 after they ran a webcam/YouTube issue in January 2007.

Vogue Italia inspired by the iShot generation

We applaud this approach. Just as changes in cameras aided creativity, often in new ways, so too has the web assisted, developed and changed our ideas of creativity and communication.

Good or bad? We think good, very good. And is the medium still the message? Well from our perspective, the medium is definitely a very large part of the message. Enjoy.