Two Clicks And You’re Out! Facebook ‘Like’ Revolt

The end is nigh for much of Facebook’s F8 mayhem. And among the biggest losers will be musicians, authors, artists and anyone else that tries to blackmail users to use the Like button.

You’ve all seen the trick:

  • click on a link for a “free” download
  • click from a webzine to a bio
  • click on a “news” item for more info

When you click, you arrive at a Facebook request to “Like” (the page, the brand, the artist) before you can go any further.

No more!

Every Twitter account that tries that trick will start to be Unfollowed.

Every Tech blog that tries that trick will be suspect.

There are three key reasons the Like scam will now fail wholesale:

  • when users take two clicks to reach something they should reach in one click, they lose interest rapidly
  • when users click Like they become part of Facebook’s “know you and sell you” data empire
  • the failing Digg, Stumble and similar content farms showed the junk aspect of processes similar to Like

So next time you get a blackmail attempt to Like something, don’t.


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