3 clicks and 8 seconds – scary update!

3 seconds to load a web pageThe June 2010 Web Analytic Clinic carried out by Marketing Experiments suggests that your web pages must, within three seconds (yes, 3 seconds), answer the questions:

  • where am I
  • what can I do / buy / get here
  • why should I participate / buy

In the ‘old days’ – 2 years ago! – the mantra was 3 clicks and 8 seconds. The new finding shows that:

  • users are bored with bloated websites
  • users are not happy having their time wasted
  • users want websites to be twice as responsive

Think about TV and the attention span of viewers. With hundreds of channels it’s easy to flick to another one if a show or advert fails to engage. With the web there are millions of ‘channels’ to click to.

The marketing gurus at iON suggest three solutions:

  • answer the what (what you can do) before the why (don’t bore us with how good you are)
  • present the ‘problem’ before the solution (old school marketing speak)
  • back up your claims with credibility (so no boasting or hollow testimonials)

As iON say: “Your website should mimic the clarity of a newspaper headline, not the subtlety of a murder mystery novel.”


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