Third of Americans can’t be bothered with the web!

The breakdown of the American dream? Or just that some folks are too smart to get all tangled up in the current “new fangled” mind accessory?

The latest news is that over one-third of Americans have a distinct lack of interest in broadband and, by that, the web. The reasons given are extremely revealing also, showing that the former front-runner in all things electronic is now dropping behind.

Don’t need it – not interested: 38%

Nearly 40% of those saying they don’t have broadband also say they’re not interested. The country with “everything on, all the time” has, apparently, reached some sort of saturation. Are they too busy already, with enough information coming in via TV? News channels? Radio? Mall life?

Too expensive: 26% / Computer lack: 18%

Here’s another 44% of those without broadband saying they can’t afford it, in one way or another. The service providers, in conjunction with hardware and software companies, have put broadband and the web out of reach of about 20% of the total American population! This, in the “greatest country on God’s earth”? Astonishing.

Here’s the pie graph so you can draw your own conclusions:

non-adoption of broadband in USA 2009


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