American Social Media statistics are seriously misleading

There is a problem with most tech blogs and poll results about social media – they are almost always a reflection of American statistics and American point of view. Which would be fine if that was noted and explained.

So the next time you see headlines in a blog or newspaper or on a tv tech program, check to see the source of the data. In the meantime here’s a reality check on some real Social Media trends:

graph iconTwitter gains huge response

Coca-Cola decided to sponsor a “trending topic” using Twitter’s promoted tweets and gained “phenomenal” results. The tweets were integrated into online discussions related to the World Cup and realized 86 million impressions or views of the ads within 24 hours.

Facebook fails with Brand Pages

In contrast to the Twitter success noted above, Coca-Cola has achieved only a 1 percent response to its Brand Page on Facebook. Depending on who you believe there are allegedly nearly 600 million Facebook “users” (although there are many reports of false and fake “identities”). The fact remains, however, that Coca-Cola has only about 6 million “fans” of its Brand Page.

Facebook and MySpace fail in Japan

The hype about Facebook and, previously, MySpace, did not work in Japan, the second most important Social Media country. Only 3 percent of Japanese web users are on Facebook (compared to 62 percent in America). MySpace has under 3 percent of web users (compared to 35 percent in the US.)

graph icon 2Twitter far more popular in Japan

Tweeters in Japan represent over 16 percent of  web users (the ratio among Americans is only 9.8 percent). However, Twitter in Japan has also equalled the top Japanese social networking site, mixi, with monthly visitors between 9 million and 10 million each.


Finally, don’t get too impressed by the numbers being trotted for Social Media influence. According to a recent report from Forrester Research a mere 16 percent of online consumers generate a total of 80 percent of peer-to-peer online impressions. In other words a small proportion of “activists” generate the most noise. Also it has been suggested that over 60 percent of all these impressions are restricted within Facebook.


Twitter gains huge response:

Facebook fails with Brand Pages:

Facebook fails in Japan:

Twitter more popular in Japan:


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