Spotify figures suggest failure

The first 6-month figures for Spotify suggest what we’ve all known – the concept is likely to fail. With users streaming an astonishingly low average of just 370 tracks in the 6 months, the service is not meeting music-lover needs.

Looking at the figures in more detail, 370 tracks breaks down to:

  • average usage is just 2 tracks per day (yes, TWO only)
  • average usage is significant as Spotify claims no “honeymoon” drop-off

Also of note is that ONE THIRD of tracks available on Spotify have never been streamed.

As to the music choices, Lady GaGa dominated the Spotify charts along with Now That’s What I Call Music compilations and the Clubland CDs. Which suggests Spotify is the new, online version of Woolworths – a music service for people who don’t follow music for quality or depth.

No problem with people enjoying good pop music, but professional services like iTunes and Last.FM will continue to dominate for serious music lovers.


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One Response to Spotify figures suggest failure

  1. Webber says:

    Yes, Spotify has been a disappointment, not least because their catalog is still so thin. I’m also not surprised that one-third of their songs are duds. In reality Spotify is commercial radio over the web – spoon-feeding obvious music that big-money companies want to promote.

    So that’s why I use Last.FM and playlist like these:

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