Web to take over from TV soon? Online viewing doubles in two years!

You might have thought the 13-17-year-old bracket have a preference to watch tv shows via the web. That is confirmed with the latest viewing figures for 2008. Almost 3 times more now prefer the online versions, a massive 28% increase over the 2006 figure.

Web to take over from TV

What is more of a surprise is this preference has more than doubled in every age range.

percentage who access full TV programs online 2008 (2006)
13-17 years .. 28% .. (11%)
18-34 years .. 26% .. (12%)
35-49 years .. 16% …. (8%)
50-54 years …. 9% … (1%)

Overall, for all age ranges, 21% now prefer online viewing (compared to 10% in 2006).

With up to a third of the TV audience online, no wonder Apple is reportedly working on a computer-TV combo – iViewer perhaps, or iStream?

If Apple can bring the convenience of the iPod and iTunes to the craziness that is TV programming, we’ll sign up now.


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